Low Profile Sharp Cleats

We have listened to our customers and have added a new Canadian-made ice cleat to our line-up, Low Profile SHARP ice cleats. Shoe technology and styles have changed over the years, footwear now has less bulky insulation and heel and sole styles have changed making a need for a lower profiled ice cleat. Rip’s Cleats Low Profile SHARP ice cleats provides the same extremely aggressive, sharp tips as our SHARP model but with ½ the depth, and are ready to take on the fiercest weather conditions to ensure you stay safe and upright. Low Profile SHARP ice cleats are made from carbon steel and come with a white zinc coating, providing excellent penetration on ice and compact snow while walking in our ever-changing Canadian winters. Low Profile SHARP come in small, medium, large & extra-large sizes to fit all types of winter footwear. And of course, their “Go Where You Go” design can be simply rotated under the arch of the footwear when needed outside, or to the top of the footwear when not in use.