Our Products


Sharp Cleats

An extremely aggressive spike with a sharp tip, our most popular design.

Blunt Cleats

The same spike as the “Sharps” but the tip has been taken off. This spike is produced to accommodate electrical contractors to avoid piercing electrical shielding.

Cer Mec Cleats

Aggressive on ice, but not sticky sharp. Yellow zinc plated with a ceramic alloy tip so it is spark resistant.

Beryllium Copper Cleats

Our newest addition to the line. Beryllium copper by composition is considered spark proof. Developed for use in explosive atmospheres.

Emergency Medical Straps

Products that save lives.

Industries That Use Our Products

Rip’s Cleats are manufactured locally in Dawson Creek B.C. Canada, and are sold throughout Canada and United States.Originally created to aid local elderly manoeuver over icy or slippery conditions. Now they are used by all types of trades people, professionals and recreational enthusiasts including:
  • Fire Departments
  • Paramedics
  • First Aid Attendants
  • Police / Military
  • Aircraft Industry
  • Cattlemen
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Electricians
  • Recreation / Hikers

Rip’s Cleats

  • Rip’s Cleats are easy to use and can be put over any footwear.
  • You simply rotate them to the top of the foot when not in use and under the arch when they are needed.
  • They go where you go, ready to use on slippery or icy conditions.
  • Rip’s Cleats traction puts your feet on solid ground with no slippage.
  • The cleats dig into the ice about the same time as your heel contacts the ice and you foot is firmly planted before the cleats ever leave the ice.
  • Available in 4 sizes to fit a wide variety of footwear.
  • Simply slide them over your boot, with the cleat directly in front of the heal when in use.
  • Rotate the cleat over the bridge of your foot when not in use.
Rips Cleats are manufactured in a 3 and 4 spike configuration. The three spike is mounted on a rubber puck that is 5/8” narrower than the traditional 4 spike, to fit children’s boots and narrower women’s footwear.