“Excellent cleats! Use them daily in the winter. I live in the BC interior, these are some of the best traction aids I’ve ever used. Well built. Customer service rep was very professional and courteous. Will recommend these to all my colleagues”
Darcy L

“I was lucky enough to survive in retail for almost 40 years. When folks ask ask how that is done I say you must have a great product at a fair price with outstanding service. Rip’s Cleats is one of these businesses. I personally guarantee they will keep you on your feet whether you’re working or playing. Thanks Rip and crew”
Graham Stilwell

“These cleats are amazing! Last winter I feel 8 times while walking my dog. I was fortunate not to break a bone. This winter I march through the ice with my cleats, always stable, always secure. My dog is happy too. Now we can walk much faster!”
Donna Kramer

“How delightful this spring was due to Rip’s Cleats. I was able to go from ceramic hallways to icy trails by simply finding a post to lean on as I adjusted the cleats. Being an octogenarian, bending down poses a problem but a simple flick of the wrist enables the cleats to do their job. I got the pointed ones and could clod along at a good clip even without a walking stick. Best thing I have purchased in a long, long time. I could go outside for my daily walk and not even consider the trail conditions. Thanks for helping me get the most out of the winter and spring.”
Marj Phillips

Love the Cleats. Our yard has a down slant and is a sheet of ice every spring. I have tried (and lost) many many different cleats and wow! Yours are excellent. Good to go check cows (and only have to worry about things that go bump in the night ) and not worry about a wreck! Great product Thanks!!
Rene Jones

” After having a hip replacement 10 years ago that left one leg longer than the other, I have always been very nervous of walking on ice or uneven terrain for fear of falling. I was required to wear modified footwear with a custom lift, which made it very awkward. I loved walking in the woods in winter, but that was no longer possible. Rip’s Cleats have given me the confidence and security I needed. The cleats are sharp enough to grip the ice and easy to flip over when not needed on a flat surface. Thank you so much for my custom cleats! Once again I am enjoying the simple pleasure of a walk in the woods! “
The Hogans



“As a fairly new distributor of Rip’s Cleats, I’d just like to say, I’m really impressed with the new retail package scan codes as fantastic improvement from the ‘baggies’ of previous years. The product has always been fantastic and now the packaging does the cleats justice.”

Stuart Gillet
AAA Safety

“I live in Alaska, so there is no need to explain the winter conditions. My place of employment was informed of Rip’s Cleats and we decided to try them out. It was the best decision we made as far as cleats go. For example last winter (2015) we had some pretty bad icy parking lots everywhere we went, by wearing these cleats, there was absolutely no problem walking anywhere at any time. What I love is the simplicity, and user friendly design. No sitting down and struggling to use them, like other designs I have used — Quick, easy and durable! I’m a firm believer in them, and will never purchase any other cleats again.”

Scotia Larsen
Customer Service Associate
Cummins Northwest, Inc.

“High Quality Product and Exceptional Customer Service, A Pleasure To Do Business With”

Robert Anderson
Warehouse Coordinator
Deton’Cho / Nuna Joint Ventures

“We have utilized Rip’s Cleats as part of our ongoing commitment to employee safety for two years. The wearing and usage of this product has helped us maintain a very low number of traction related incidents. They are mandatory equipment on all our sites as well as our in town yard locations. We will continue to use this dependable product in the future!”

Jordin Hunt
Procurement Coordinator
Roska DBO Inc.