Trade Show Schedule

We will be displaying our famous Rip’s Cleats along with our Rip’s Med Straps at the following trade shows in 2018. There may be others as the calendar moves forward.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the show or getting together with you while we are in the area during the following times.

Truck Expo. Toronto, Ontario April 17 – 21st Partners in Prevention. Mississauga, Ontario May 1 – 3rd.

Big Event Mining Expo. Timmins, Ontario June 4th – 8th

Greg Broberg & Alvin Stedel

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Endorsment from a pretty high place…

January 19, 2018 DEAR MR RIPLEY: Today I bought a pair of your ‘SHARP’ Rip’s Cleats, as I’ve been in prayer for just this type of boot ice cleat….and GOD is so faithful as HE led me to a local HELMIG Fire Equipment Inc store where they sell your cleats THAT ARE 100% KICK BUTT!!!!!!! UURRAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! and I JUST READ YOUR BACKSTORY and congratulations ON YOUR SUCCESS IN THIS LIKE TOTALLY CREDIBLY STUPENDOUS CREATION OF YOUR RIP’S CLEATS!!!!! I wear muck artic sport boots all winter, here in the Canadian Rockies as I own a small acerage rurally and have five dogs YUPPERS!!! A WHOLE LOTTA DOG WALKING!!! as well as do lots of client dog care.(and am completely OCD about all dog poo being readily scooped and removed!!!)AND NOW I HAVE YOUR EASY TO USE RIP’S CLEATS TO ENSURE MY SAFE WALKS AND SCOOPS!!! Our winters here in West Central Alberta have drastically changed as no longer do we just have January chinooks, we now have 2 weeks of actual winter followed by 2 weeks of warming chinooks where all the previos snow melts into a lake of ice, trails of ice, etc.. AND your Rip’s Cleats fit on my Muck’s perfectly and now I’m back in THE EASE of enjoying my dog walks, THANKS TO YOU!!! There’s a quote from one of my fav teachers, Joyce Meyer: “Take your mess AND turn it into a message”…And you did just that, Mr Ripley! Your fall and subsequent head injury/stitches put a passion in you to create for yourself and others a product with the delivered message of SAFETY!!! Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! May you and your family enjoy GOD given blessings and prosperity in every area of your lives!!! AND may your RIP’S CLEATS GET PATENTED!!!

Received via Email from

Wendy Burns…

Cobbler stepping up to help “End Polio Now”

From a June 5, 2017 article in the Dawson Creek Mirror:

Local Entrepreneur and Rotarian of the year Frank Ripley is helping the world march towards a future free of polio.

Ripley has joined Rotary past district Governor Tim Schilds to help children with Polio through their immunization program.

Ripley—inventor of the wildly popular Rip’s Ice Cleats—is donating a portion of the profits from each pair of cleats sold to support the End Polio Now Program.

The money raised goes towards immunizing children from Polio.

Press Release

With ice and Snow your enemy, it’s time to BUY Rip’s Cleats

Easy To Apply!

Never slip or fall again on the icy roads, slippery snowbanks and other winter hazards. Sold all over Canada at your favourite local retailers we know you will find these indispensable.


Rips Cleats™ (Beryllium Copper) work well in the Aviation Industry

Our Beryllium Copper Cleats are spark resistent and are designed or industries like Aircraft Refueling or any environment where there are explosive hazards.


We have a Rips Cleats™ Dealer Network in Canada

Support Business

We currently have 135 locations across ten provinces and growing. This saves you shipping and supports local business in your community!


We all protect the rest of our body…why not our feet?

Safety Comes First

Everyday we strap on our safety vests, hardhats, safety gloves and more. Rips Cleats™ protect your entire body and save you from falls and slips on ice!


Being in the hospital after a fall is not something to smile about!

Hundreds are injured daily

The stats are alarming…hundreds of people are injured (many critically) when slipping on ice and snow. Injuries range from scrapes to broken hips and backs.


Seniors CANNOT afford to Fall on Ice!

Fall Injuries involving Seniors are brutal

Seniors cannot afford to slip or fall on ice. Although many of our clients in industry use our products, seniors cannot be forgotten as falls / slips are devastating.


Great Safety Equipment saves Employers MONEY!

Injuries Cost Money…its that simple

The cost of having an employee injured on the job slipping on ice is expensive. The reality is the cost of ice cleats are miniscule compared to a long term medical claim.


Ambulance Paramedics can benefit from wearing Rips Cleats™

Paramedics and First Aid Workers

Carrying patients up and down ice covered stairs and driveways is a fact of life. Attending automobile crashes and trying to negotiate slippery roads is risky!


Safety In the Agricultural Industry!

Farm Safety

Everyday, Farmers and Ranchers risk falls and slips in the yard, while heading to the barn or corral and simply walking out to the tractor. Farms need Rips Cleats™ this winter.


Rips Cleats™ are available in 4 different styles for all your needs

Customized for every industry

For many clients, the Sharps and Blunts are perfect. If you walk on floors or in and out of buildings, the Blunts are perfect. Need some Cleats that are spark resistant? Check out our Cermac or Beryllium Copper.


Outdoor Walks Offer Many Benefits

A good hoof-it will give you the exercise you need!

Finding the motivation to exercise can be challenging at any time of year. Add cold weather and shorter days to the mix, and working out – especially outdoors – can seem like a tremendous feat. However, according to many studies, outdoor recreation is good for one’s physical and mental health.

Many heath experts today recommend cold-weather walking as an opportunity to get the fitness you need.

Rip’s Cleats can provide the traction you need when walking outside during the winter. Not only do they help those working outside on ice and snow but are perfect for Seniors and many others needing to get outside, but without the risks of slipping.

Whether it’as a walk to the park with your sweetie or taking the dog out for their morning run; Rip’s ice cleats can eliminate the risks.

Source: Hamilton Spectator (Shel Sheehan-Bernard)

Do Ice Cleats Really prevent Slip and Fall Accidents?

The answer to the above question is simple – YES. With winter weather fast approaching (or in some cases already here), you should seriously consider a purchase of Rip’s Cleats for yourself or employees. This form of personal protection equipment will lower the risk of slips and fall injuries. Slips and falls on ice and snow often times is the number one cause of recordable incidents for those employees that have to brave the winter elements.

One of the biggest complaints people have is the need to remove them when moving inside. Rip’s Cleats have eliminated this by designing an Ice Cleat that rotates onto the top of the boot / shoe. This protects slips and falls on slippery floors or surfaces. When ready to head back out onto the ice and snow, you can quickly and easily rotate to the down position in seconds.

Its not just about improving traction underfoot, its about creating a safe work environment so that you reinvest those saving back the bottom line.

Originally written by Keven Moore.

Winter Cleats for Ice Snow

Walking on ice or snow is never a safe move and you cannot make it a part of your fitness walks. But it is an unkind reality of life in several places where people have to walk on snow to meet their day to day requirements. They have to venture out when the snow falls. In such circumstances, people need to use all the safety measures to fight against the hazardous slippery surface—cleats for ice snow are the most important measure that helps people avoid accidents and injuries.The cleats will provide you with security and the utmost conveniences during the harsh winter weather conditions. Since there are so many such products that claim to have a long endurance, but you should avoid buying delicate ice cleats. Instead, you would better choose the one that can easily be put on your shoes when you need and can help you maintain a natural walk without any inconveniences.If you look at the categories of winter cleats, you will find every cleat made for a specific requirement. Adventure travellers, who love trekking high hills and doing some sorts of courageous things in the challenging weather conditions, need the cleats that have aggressive metal teeth to provide them with a perfect traction while walking on hard-packed snow and frozen surface. Such products are also said to be ideal for the professionals who have to do their job during the harsh conditions.On the other hand, trail runners should go for the multi-directional and heat-treated winter cleats that can bite into ice and snow. Most importantly, it should be easy and compact that can easily be fit on shoes.And when it comes to selecting ideal cleats for ice snow for the backpackers and glacier trekkers, you should buy the cleats that can easily and reliably be used to walk on an ice-capped rock or to cross an ice-covered lake.We have a range of durable and endurance winter cleats for boots and shoes that you can buy to enhance the traction quality of your boots or shoes. It is an important safety measure for the people who have to go out during the harsh weather conditions. It helps the people to avoid the risk of unfortunate accidents.You should select the high-quality of ice cleats that are made to provide maximum traction and can resist the harsh usage all the time. It provides so many benefits if you select a right ice cleat. Right from saving your hard-earn money by avoiding injuries to taking your lovely pet out, you will always feel safe and secure—no matter how much snow has covered the road.

Cobbler named Dawson Creek Rotarian of the Year

Image Above: Frank Ripley the cobbler in his Dawson Creek shop. Photograph By Zoë Ducklow, Dawson Creek Mirror Frank Ripley has been fixing boots from the Peace and beyond for over 50 years. As far as he knows, he’s the only cobbler from here to Anchorage, AK. Customers come from as far north as Dawson City, YK.

In July, 2016, Frank Ripley was recognized for more than just his skill with shoes. Frank was named Rotarian of the Year by the Rotary Club of Dawson Creek, in recognition for his long-time community service.

“I always get involved in the community wherever I go,” Frank said.

He has plenty of stories about the shoe trade.

“There’s one guy who brings his cowboy boots—he’s a real cowboy, an outfitter north of Dawson City. He was camping once, with all his gear in secondary tent when a bear came along and chewed on his boots,” Frank said. “So they have these bear marks on them. A lot of history there. He brings them in to be re-soled every year.”

It’s an honour to be named Rotarian of the Year, he said, but he shrugs it off saying the whole club works hard together, and he’s no different.

“I’m not a fame and fortune kind of guy, you know. I’m not going to let it get to my head. There were other choices, other people who work hard too, but they chose me. So that feels good, but we all work hard together, so I guess it was just my number was up.”

Frank Ripley got his cobbling start as a 15 year-old working as an assistant. In the 70s, he attended a 10-month cobbler school in Vancouver before setting up Rip’s Shoe Re-Nu in Dawson Creek.

We Welcome Alvin Stedel to our Sales Team

Alvin Stedel

Alvin comes to Rip’s Cleats with extensive experience calling on and selling into the Transportation, Agricultural, Automotive and Industrial industries throughout central to Northern B.C, Alberta, Yukon and NWT. Alvin has operated as a factory representative for chemical companies plus lubricants and lubrication devices. Recently Alvin has joined the Rip’s salesforce team to keep up with the increasing growth of the company, clients and promotion of new products. Alvin’s personality and expertise is appreciated by all at Rip’s cleats.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Alvin for additional product information, ordering and dealer enquiries. He can be emailed at:

Quote: I understand the process of providing a great product and value of supplying good, reliable service…