Do Rip’s Cleats™ work on Ice and Snow?

Yes, our cleats are know to provide ” The Ultimate Traction on Ice and Snow.”

  1. Traction. Rip’s design as a mid-sole cleat and length of the spikes allows the cleat to penetrate into ice and snow. The cleat is put on in the center of the boot resulting in more traction as the cleat digs into the ice about the same time as your heel contacts the ice and your foot is firmly planted before the cleats ever leave the ice..
  2. Will not fall off. Rip’s cleats™ fits over the boot not onto the boot. With the right sizing Rip’s Cleats™ do not fall off.
  3. Rotatable. Rip’s Cleats™ can be rotated to the top of the boot when not needed, rather than removing them from the boot. All Rip’s Cleats™ are designed so you do not have to remove to go indoors or enter a vehicle.

Are Rip’s Cleats intrinsically Safe?

CSA defines Intrinsically Safe as “an ‘ Intrinsically Safe’ classification and design means that an electronic circuit and it’s wiring will not cause any sparking or acing and cannot store store sufficient energy to ignite a flammable gas or vapor and cannot produce surface temperature high enough to cause ignition.” Our cleats do not contain any electricity therefore, no we will not claim Rip’s Cleats to be ‘intrinsically safe’. We do however have a spark resistant and spark proof models available. Find out more on ‘Our Products’ tab.

        Where are Rip’s Cleats made?

Rip’s Cleats are manufactured in Dawson Creek, B.C Canada. They are actually built by local seniors, retirees and stay at home families.

Where can I purchase Rip’s Cleats™?

Rip’s Cleats™ to date has 135 Locations across 10 provinces where product may be purchased. Please refer to dealer information tab to determine your closest location. The advantage of supporting dealers closest to you is a savings on freight. If there is no dealer close to you please feel free to call Rip’s Cleats™ direct at the following number 250-782-4318.

Do Rip’s Cleats™ come in women’s or children sizes?

Our Sizes are universal however we recommend the small and medium sizes for Women and Children.

Is there any warranty of Rip’s Cleats™?


Limited Warranty

Rip’s Cleats warrants to the original retail purchaser, is non-transferable and expressly excludes any product that has not been purchased as new from an authorized Rip’s Cleats source, of this product that should this product or any part thereof, under normal use and conditions for which this product was designed for, be proven in material or workmanship within six (6) months of the date of original purchase, be replaced, without charge.

Please refer to our Warranty tab for all details.

Is it easy to put on or take off Rip’s Cleats™?

Yes, applying the cleats is very easy. Simply slide the cleats over your boots with the cleat directly in front of the footwear heel. Rotate the cleat over the bridge of your foot when not needed, walking indoors or entering a vehicle.

Does Rip’s Cleats™ or Rips Shoe Re-Nu make other products?

Yes! Over at Rip’s Shoe Re-Nu, along with general cobbling and leatherwork services, Rip’s Shoe Re-Nu sells leather products (including quality shoes and boots).

Who invented and developed Rip’s Cleats™?

Rip’s Cleats™ were created about 30 years ago by Frank Ripley, a successful cobbler located in Dawson Creek, BC. At some time during the start of the cleat business Frank owner of Rip’s Shoe Re-nu, had a fall on ice resulting in head injury requiring stitches. This brought about the idea of creating ice and snow fall protection. Being a master cobbler during the next few years Frank started to develop a prototypes for anti-slip devices to fit onto winter footwear. In 1991 following a massive weather change two ambulance drivers came to the shoe store commenting that the whole??? Was turning into a skating rink and you need to build us something. This was Frank’s first Cleat sale.

How many kinds of Cleats are there?

Rip’s cleats™ has gone through extensive research and development to provide three models of cleats that meet the requirements of every person/industry requiring ice and snow fall protection. 3 models of cleats that include: Sharp, Cer Mac, and Beryllium Copper. If you are looking for fall protection for a recreational outing or for specific industry (Oil, Gas, Electrical, or Mining to name a few) Rip’s cleats™ has you covered.

Additional Questions

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