Our Story

Rip’s Cleats are manufactured in Dawson Creek, BC. Dawson Creek is home of the world famous ‘Mile Zero Post of The Alaska Highway’.

Frank Ripley

Frank Ripley is a local Dawson Creek Shoe Cobbler, he has been fixing boots from the Peace Region and beyond for over 50 years. As far as he knows, he’s the only cobbler from here to Anchorage, Alaska. Customers come from as far north as Dawson City, Yukon.


The Story of Rip’s Cleats

Rip’s Cleats™ started under the banner of Rip’s Shoe Re-Nu in 1978. Sometime during the start of the cleat business Frank, owner of Rip’s Shoe Re-Nu, had a fall on ice resulting in a head injury requiring stitches. This brought about the idea of Rip’s Cleats. Being a master cobbler, Frank developed prototypes of anti-slip devices that fit onto winter footwear. He gave these ice cleats to seniors in the community to try, with great success.  In 1991 following a massive weather change resulting in a thaw-freeze cycle, two first responders came to the shoe store commenting that the roads and streets had turned into a skating rink. “You need to sell us some of those cleat things. We can’t stand up out there”. This was Frank’s first “Cleat” sale.

At some point Frank provided samples of cleats to canine training units in Innisfail, AB, home of his Mother.   In 2010 these same units were called to assist at the Olympic games being held in Whistler B.C.. By the end of the Olympic Games many first responder and security staff were using Rip’s Cleats.

Since then Frank had developed cleat designs that would meet the needs and requirements of many industries and recreation, expanding to include  three different models, in 4 sizes of cleats that are available in Bulk and Display packaging. Rip’s Cleats™ provides ice and compact snow traction featuring ‘Go Where you Go’ rotatable design, ensuring that you always have the traction needed when encountering icy surfaces but allowing you to simply rotate the cleats to the top of your footwear when entering buildings, climbing ladders or when driving a vehicle, etc..



This is a photo of one of the original cleats. Changes were made shortly after to provide a rubber puck instead of leather as the leather would shrink and expand due to moisture.



This photo is a cleat that was used for 16 years until the strap finally failed. It is worth noting that the spikes are still sharp and the anti-corrosive zinc plating is still present.

Our newest design and model – Beryllium Copper, built with our water repellent elastic and added green script.