Winter Hiking Gear Canada

Hiking Winter Crampons Offering Deep Penetration On Ice

Rip’s Cleats offers mountaineering winter crampons that are good for deep penetration even on hard ice. The quality non-slip studs offer exceptional traction on snow. The metal stuff on these products is highly effective. They provide extra traction on ice. Anti-skid ice snow shoe spikes grippers are available in a wide range with us. We understand the diverse requirements of different types of traction devices such as snowshoes, mountaineering crampons and microspikes. So, our professionals design such winter hiking gears accordingly. Winter hikers can rely on our products and buy them for an unforgettable hiking experience.

  • 1. Stretch to fit as per the required size
  • 2. Non-slip winter hiking gear providing excellent traction in snowy weather condition
  • 3. Good elasticity and durable footgear
  • 4. Ground-gripping steel crampons
  • 5. Easy to fit over your footwear without using any straps or buckles

Why You Should Buy Our Winter Crampons?

Improve Traction: The well-designed crampons increase traction, especially on the frozen surfaces. The iron spikes are attached beautifully beneath the boots or shoes to provide better ground traction. They stab the ground like several small knives and improve traction, mainly work well on the slick surfaces such as hiking on an ice-clad mountain. Our crampons can also help you enjoy hiking on the ice-covered rock on difficult slopes.

Increase The Service Area: Walking on snow is not so easy because every step makes a post hole. It is very exhausting to lift your feet after that post hole. The slippery surface can lead to injury as well. Our winter crampons increase the surface area while putting steps from your boot and prevent you from sinking or sleeping. Rip’s Cleats ensures to offer the best quality crampons that you can easily get at reasonable prices.

Comfortable To Wear: Our hiking gears are comfortable but they are capable enough handling even adverse weather conditions or challenging terrains. We have a good collection of winter hiking gear Canada for those people who would like to go out in the winter season. You can easily wear our hiking gears and walk on the slippery paths without any fear. Specific Crampons For You: We can provide you the specialized crampons that fit the size of your shoes or boots. Lightweight traction devices are good to wear in the winter conditions. Check out some of our technical crampons designed for the rock routes, mixed ice, and frozen waterfalls. For more details or order cleats online, visit Rips Cleats