What are Ice Cleats?

Ice cleats are traction aids that fit over your footwear to provide you additional traction when walking on slippery or icy conditions. Rip’s Cleats™ are easy to use, lightweight and can be put over many types of footwear. 

Rips Cleats™ is manufactured in a 3 and 4 spike configuration, these spikes penetrate into the ice with every step, providing you the ultimate traction on ice and compact snow. The three spikes are mounted on a rubber puck that is 5/8″ narrower than the traditional 4 spikes, to fit children’s boots and narrower women’s footwear.

The “ Go Where you Go’ rotatable design of our cleats ensures that you always have the traction needed when encountering icy services for all industries and recreation, but allows you to simply rotate the cleats to the top of your footwear when entering buildings, climbing ladders or when driving a vehicle, etc..

Our cleats are manufactured locally in Dawson Creek B.C. Canada by seniors, retirees and stay at home families. Our cleats were originally created to aid local elderly maneuver over icy or slippery conditions. They quickly became versatile to all industries due to their optimum quality and aggressiveness.