Rip’s Med Straps

In 2005, due to the development of the successful, versatile Rip’s Cleats™ that use a high-quality stretch band to fasten them, one of the local Medic personnel approached Frank Ripley to ask him if he could offer any improvements to what was currently available for getting accident victims stabilized and ready for transport. The resulting testing and suggestions made by additional medical users, led to the improvements that are now offered in our Rip’s Med Straps™. We are confident that we have highest quality strap with the right strengths, widths and lengths available.

Time is critical if you are injured and speed is vital to a first responder. The medical users of Rips Med Straps tell us that they can save as much as thirteen minutes in getting the injured patent on to the ambulance. The faster the better, especially in urgent circumstances such as major bleeding.

After experimentation with numerous elastic types and manufactures, we have what we feel is the best material because it conforms to shapes better than other material we have tested. This means it is more comfortable for the patent should it need to conform to a curve as around an elbow or the neck etc. It also rolls up into a smaller and neater roll for in your kit, making storage easier.

Our Rips Med Straps™ provide a constant direct pressure for bleeds. In the case of an arterial bleeds, straps may be placed over top of each other to apply the needed pressure.

We have several Velcro patches on each strap to provide a wide variety of purposes or lengths and yet allows stretch in the elastic between the Velcro patches. While some of our competitor’s have several Velcro straps when joining together we use a better quality and find one 2 inch square sufficient to hold even the toughest holds. This allows for quicker and more secure wrap up time and easily can be connected to each other for additional length.

As with our Rips Cleats we will carry a large inventory to fulfill your order in a timely manner.