Ice Cleats for Paramedics

Are you looking for the ice cleats for ambulance crews; this is the right place for you? Whether you are looking for high quality and affordable cleats for ambulance boots or paramedic boots Rip’s Cleats is here for you.

The fire fighters and paramedics are always there to protect us from any untoward condition and save our lives. And the boots with ice cleats for paramedics play a crucial role in their endeavors. Also the boots that are used by paramedics should meet the relevant safety prerequisites.

For the ambulance crew boots are the most important piece of gear that you have to wear to work in the field.

The boots can provide your feet with support and protection and also reduces fatigue that improves your endurance to conduct the work efficiently and effectively. There is no need to worry about the challenges of terrain or the environment.

Features of Ice Cleats for Paramedics: • Provide excellent traction on black ice, deep and packed snow. • Protects you against chemicals, bacteria, the wintry mix or cold ice. • Come with a long-lasting Tungsten Carbide cleats. • Stay fixed to your shoes and boots. • The advanced, patented features keep them in place and can be easily put on and take off. • Quite durable, anti slip. • Puncture resistant.

The paramedics always need to have a safety toe that can offer them added protection in the hazardous environments where they often have to work.

The paramedic boots come with an additional shank used in the mid sole that provides additional puncture protection which is ideal for accident scenes. The bottom of these boots also focuses on stability and provides shock absorption. These are composed of an oil and slip resistant outer sole so that there is no unwanted slippage.

There is an option of waterproof or no waterproof ambulance boots that also depends upon the personal preference in a lot of cases. Spending too much time in the wet or ice may make the feets sweat so it is recommended to go for the boots that are more breathable.