Ice Cleats for Fire Fighters

Rip’s Cleats offers a range of snow and ice cleats for both boots and shoes to provide safety on ice, mud and snow. It also improves traction that helps to reduce the risk of the bone fracture and muscle pull. Our ice cleats for firefighters consist of high quality rubber that makes them fit for large sized fireman’s bunker boots. These are cleats are intended for firefighters or firemen who want greater solidity and control over ice and snow. Features of Rip’s Cleats for Fire Fighters
  • Ice traction cleats can let you go anywhere and you are free to roam over the slippery or icy conditions.
  • The biggest advantage is the traction that offers prevention from any slippage and also helps you overcome any back problem.
  • When your heel goes deep into ice the cleats dig into the ice. The snow traction cleats plant your foot firmly into the cleat and never ever leave the ice.
  • We make use of high grade rubber that is specifically used for the industrial purpose. Usually, the low grade rubber loses its ability to fully stretch the cleat hence resulting in fewer grips that leads to dislocation.
  • Our ice cleats prevent you from any tripping hazard as they are very tightly gripped on to the footwear.
Apart from the everyday ice cleats for footwear, there are a variety of cleats available for specific reasons like for running, hiking, and for extreme activities. If you do not what are your specific requirements then simply get in touch with us, our customer support would be happy to help you. We assure you that you can get the best pair of ice cleats for firefighters at our place. Why wait before snowfall, shop all ice cleat! Keep in mind while selecting ice cleats for your boots should have the wider and thicker soles as compared to the standard shoes. You just have to add two sizes to your normal size. The placement of the traction cleats for ice determines its gripping power. For the maximum grip on ice and snow they need to be properly positioned under the ball and heel of your footwear.