Cer Mac Cleats

Cer Mac Cleats: Even Our 2nd Best-Selling Product Has So Much To Offer!

Working around a lot of loose material? Maybe there’s slight risk of sparking? Try the runner-up to the Sharps model and get yourself a pair of Cer Mac cleats.

Still quite aggressive on ice but without the ‘sticky-sharp’ edging boasted by our Sharps, you can avoid the hassle of becoming an unwitting cross-country skier when you step onto wooden boards or other light materials other cleats would pierce straight into and, instead, leave small dimples in your wake, saving you and those around you from simple frustrations.

Yellow zinc plating, topped with a ceramic alloy tip, these spark-resistant cleats are great for all industries that may need to tread over and through a slew of material besides ice and snow without tripping.