Beryllium Copper Cleats

Are you looking for the perfect pair of copper cleats? This is the right place for all your footwear needs. Our high quality cleats are manufactured under the supervision of master cobbler, Frank who successfully developed the prototypes of anti-slip devices that fit onto winter footwear. Frank develops cleat designs to fulfill the needs and requirements of all industries such as ambulance, security, fire departments, bus and truck drivers.

This latest and improved version of Rips Cleats consists of Beryllium Copper that is an alloy of copper. It makes the cleats highly durable with non-sparking qualities.

High strength and corrosion resistant Beryllium copper cleats under the heel of your foot provide excellent slip and fall protection on glossy surfaces. Comfort and safety of the buyer is our prime focus and we can’t compromise on that. We have introduced the latest variety of cleats with various widths engineered for high heel shoes for the stability of foot-pads.

Buy copper cleats online from us that can stretch to fit easily over any shoe or boot.

Features of Beryllium Copper Cleats:

  • . Its compact size eases off carrying and storage.
  • . Easy to use and suitable for any footwear.
  • . Traction of the cleats prevents any slippage.
  • . Suitable for children’s boots and women’s footwear
  • . In case you want to use cleats then them under the arch. When not in use then simply rotate them to the top of the foot.

Rips Cleats manufacturing unit is located in Dawson Creek B.C. Canada, and our products can be purchased throughout Canada and the United States.

No worries! Shop with us confidently. Our customer support team is here fulfilling all your shopping needs irrespective of the style or cost. So why to wait? Place your order soon. Rips cleats in Canada offers bulk packaging as well as display packaging of cleats.