Beryllium Copper Cleats

The Specialty Product featuring a Reduced Sparking Design!


Mining, refuelers, and other volatile industries are vigilant in their watch to preserve the safety of their workers and we here at Rip’s Cleats always strive to make the best product without compromising that safety.

Our newest introduction to the Rip’s Cleats lineup, our Beryllium Copper model is unique as it is Reduced Sparking by composition, the ideal makings of a product for industries that carry a high risk of explosions. A tough material which also boasts non-magnetic properties, one can see why this is the go-to for the job. like our other cleats, it is also rotatable to continue the “Go Where You Go” Design, with water repellent elastic.

What else can be said but that when you put your lives in the hands of our product, we are dedicated to preserving the trust you give us. Never take your health and well-being for granted and order your Beryllium Copper cleats today!