4″ Rip’s Med Straps

Rip’s Med Strap, “Products that Save Lives’, are innovative, high quality stretch bands, manufactured in Canada.  Their supple, yet strong design offers safety and comfort to the patient during any emergency.  The straps have the right strength and flexibility for stabilizing accident victims and preparing them for transport.  4″ wide bands in two lengths, 23″ and 33″. Sold individually or  in kits of 6. (4- 22″ & 2-33″). Rips Med Straps ensure for fast, easy support for splinting.

Features of 4″ Rip’s Med Strap

  1. Quick application for splinting
    1. Immovability
  2. Join multiple straps for addition length
    1. Industrial strength hook and loop fasteners
  3. Triple rolled edges
    1. Grip for more compression
  4. Colour coded ribbons
    1. Quick size identification
  5. Black in colour
  6. Applies even direct pressure
  7. Increased patient stability
  8. Light weight and easy to add to any first aid kit
  9. Field tested in med kits
  10. Extensive product test



Rip’s Med Straps started 12 years ago in the back of Rip’s Shoe Re-Nu, a repair and retail shop.  Noticing a need for straps that were easy to use and sturdy enough for medical applications, Rip’s Med Straps were developed. Edit