According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information,, there were more than 8,800 falls requiring hospitalization in Canada from slipping on ice (2016-2017). For people ages 65-84, females fell on ice over 1,800 times and males fell over 1,600 times, all requiring visits to the hospital. Those are some scary statistics! The Canadian population will shift to over 65 years of age, from 15.6% to 23%, in the next 10 years as reported by the Government of Canada, Seniors play a vital role in our families, communities and workplaces. We all want the seniors in our lives to stay active and live longer, be safer and happier. One way to do this is with Rip’s Cleats. The easy, rotatable design is perfect because they go where you go, preventing slips, trips and falls on ice and snow. Rip’s Cleats come with 3 or 4 spikes and 4 different sizes to fit all types of footwear. Made from water resistant elastic and 3 types of spikes: Sharp, Cer Mac and Beryllium Copper, there is a Rip’s Cleat for all situations.