Outdoor Walks Offer Many Benefits

A good hoof-it will give you the exercise you need!

Finding the motivation to exercise can be challenging at any time of year. Add cold weather and shorter days to the mix, and working out – especially outdoors – can seem like a tremendous feat. However, according to many studies, outdoor recreation is good for one’s physical and mental health.

Many heath experts today recommend cold-weather walking as an opportunity to get the fitness you need.

Rip’s Cleats can provide the traction you need when walking outside during the winter. Not only do they help those working outside on ice and snow but are perfect for Seniors and many others needing to get outside, but without the risks of slipping.

Whether it’as a walk to the park with your sweetie or taking the dog out for their morning run; Rip’s ice cleats can eliminate the risks.

Source: Hamilton Spectator (Shel Sheehan-Bernard)