Medical Patient Safety Straps

Medical Patient Safety Straps and Medical Splint Binders

Emergency Medical Straps

Rips Cleats offers medical patient safety straps that are meant to provide safety and comfort to the patients during any surgical procedure. We provide high-quality stretch bands that are easy to fasten. This improved version of the medical band is meant to stabilize the accident victims and make them ready for transport.

Rips Cleats wide selection of surgical table straps offers maximum skin protection and prevents patients from any risk. These straps can hold the patient’s affected area firmly and hygienically. During surgery these bands can securely and efficiently control and protect patients from any fall from the operation table.


Features of Medical Safety Straps:

1. These are cost-effective, and easy to clean and use. They act like a complete disinfectant and are ideal to be used during any imaging procedure.

2. These are actually the restraint bands that enable surgeons to move ahead with the surgery without obstruction of the surgical site.

3. It prevents an anesthetized patient’s arm from any fall off the table which may negatively affect the procedure.

4. Patient safety restraints also helps in faster surgical recoveries as patients do not move inappropriately and hence there is no chance of any post-operative nerve damage or muscle soreness.

5. These bands come up with Velcro strapping that is available as restraints and is easy to manage. These can be easily rolled up or easily adjusted as per the size of the arm or leg or waist. These can easily create a restraint loop quickly without hassle.

6. These can be held securely and provide a cushion contact with any surgical patient.

7. The memory foam center section can be used to hold the patient quite firmly and comfortably

These come up in the disposable form that reduces the risk of any cross-contamination and hence offers good control over the infection speediness. Don’t think much simply order online. These are ideal to be used for surgical procedures that save the operation room’s time and money.

Medical Safety restraint straps can be used for elderly patients who are on wheelchairs, or who want to shift to surgical tables. The abdominal straps also provide support during an X-ray imaging test before any operation.