Med Strap Improvements

A few years ago a local safety training facility contacted us to see if we could improve the elastic type hook and loop straps that their medics had been using.  This was the first rendition of Rip’s Med Strap.  A lot of thought and discussion went into what we feel is a superior product.  Triple rolled edges provide firm grip for maximum stretch. Being black eliminates  unsightly stains, while the bright green edging provides visibility.  Different lengths have colour coded ribbons, red, blue and green, for easy size selections when rushed.  Up to 5 extra strong hook and loop fasteners ensure firm closing or the ability to add med straps together for longer lengths if needed.  Rip’s Med Straps provide firm immobilization and are made from  strong, supple, made in Canada spun polyesters.  They are easily adjustable which can offer lifesaving minutes in emergency situations.