Do Ice Cleats Really prevent Slip and Fall Accidents?

The answer to the above question is simple – YES. With winter weather fast approaching (or in some cases already here), you should seriously consider a purchase of Rip’s Cleats for yourself or employees. This form of personal protection equipment will lower the risk of slips and fall injuries. Slips and falls on ice and snow often times is the number one cause of recordable incidents for those employees that have to brave the winter elements.

One of the biggest complaints people have is the need to remove them when moving inside. Rip’s Cleats have eliminated this by designing an Ice Cleat that rotates onto the top of the boot / shoe. This protects slips and falls on slippery floors or surfaces. When ready to head back out onto the ice and snow, you can quickly and easily rotate to the down position in seconds.

Its not just about improving traction underfoot, its about creating a safe work environment so that you reinvest those saving back the bottom line.

Originally written by Keven Moore.