With ice and Snow your enemy, it’s time to BUY Rip’s Cleats

Easy To Apply!

Never slip or fall again on the icy roads, slippery snowbanks and other winter hazards. Sold all over Canada at your favourite local retailers we know you will find these indispensable.


Rips Cleats™ (Beryllium Copper) work well in the Aviation Industry

Our Beryllium Copper Cleats are spark resistent and are designed or industries like Aircraft Refueling or any environment where there are explosive hazards.


We have a Rips Cleats™ Dealer Network in Canada

Support Business

We currently have 135 locations across ten provinces and growing. This saves you shipping and supports local business in your community!


We all protect the rest of our body…why not our feet?

Safety Comes First

Everyday we strap on our safety vests, hardhats, safety gloves and more. Rips Cleats™ protect your entire body and save you from falls and slips on ice!


Being in the hospital after a fall is not something to smile about!

Hundreds are injured daily

The stats are alarming…hundreds of people are injured (many critically) when slipping on ice and snow. Injuries range from scrapes to broken hips and backs.


Seniors CANNOT afford to Fall on Ice!

Fall Injuries involving Seniors are brutal

Seniors cannot afford to slip or fall on ice. Although many of our clients in industry use our products, seniors cannot be forgotten as falls / slips are devastating.


Great Safety Equipment saves Employers MONEY!

Injuries Cost Money…its that simple

The cost of having an employee injured on the job slipping on ice is expensive. The reality is the cost of ice cleats are miniscule compared to a long term medical claim.


Ambulance Paramedics can benefit from wearing Rips Cleats™

Paramedics and First Aid Workers

Carrying patients up and down ice covered stairs and driveways is a fact of life. Attending automobile crashes and trying to negotiate slippery roads is risky!


Safety In the Agricultural Industry!

Farm Safety

Everyday, Farmers and Ranchers risk falls and slips in the yard, while heading to the barn or corral and simply walking out to the tractor. Farms need Rips Cleats™ this winter.


Rips Cleats™ are available in 4 different styles for all your needs

Customized for every industry

For many clients, the Sharps and Blunts are perfect. If you walk on floors or in and out of buildings, the Blunts are perfect. Need some Cleats that are spark resistant? Check out our Cermac or Beryllium Copper.