Rip’s Cleats

  • Rip’s Cleats are easy to use and can be put over any footwear.
  • You simply rotate them to the top of the foot when not in use and under the arch when they are needed.
  • They go where you go, ready to use on slippery or icy conditions.
  • Rip’s Cleats traction puts your feet on solid ground with no slippage.
  • The cleats dig into the ice about the same time as your heel contacts the ice and you foot is firmly planted before the cleats ever leave the ice.
  • Available in 4 sizes to fit a wide variety of footwear.
  • Simply slide them over your boot, with the cleat directly in front of the footwear heal when in use.
  • Rotate the cleat over the bridge of your foot when not in use.

Rips Cleats are manufactured in a 3 and 4 spike configuration. The three spike is mounted on a rubber puck that is 5/8” narrower than the traditional 4 spike, to fit children’s feet and narrower women’s footwear.