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Outdoor Walks Offer Many Benefits


A good hoof-it will give you the exercise you need!

Finding the motivation to exercise can be challenging at any time of year. Add cold weather and shorter days to the mix, and working out – especially outdoors – can seem like a tremendous feat. However, according to many studies, outdoor recreation is good for one’s physical and mental health.

Many heath experts today recommend cold-weather walking as an opportunity to get the fitness you need.

Rip’s Cleats can provide the traction you need when walking outside during the winter. Not only do they help those working outside on ice and snow but are perfect for Seniors and many others needing to get outside, but without the risks of slipping.

Whether it’as a walk to the park with your sweetie or taking the dog out for their morning run; Rip’s ice cleats can eliminate the risks.

Source: Hamilton Spectator (Shel Sheehan-Bernard)

Do Ice Cleats Really prevent Slip and Fall Accidents?


The answer to the above question is simple – YES. With winter weather fast approaching (or in some cases already here), you should seriously consider a purchase of Rip’s Cleats for yourself or employees. This form of personal protection equipment will lower the risk of slips and fall injuries. Slips and falls on ice and snow often times is the number one cause of recordable incidents for those employees that have to brave the winter elements.

One of the biggest complaints people have is the need to remove them when moving inside. Rip’s Cleats have eliminated this by designing an Ice Cleat that rotates onto the top of the boot / shoe. This protects slips and falls on slippery floors or surfaces. When ready to head back out onto the ice and snow, you can quickly and easily rotate to the down position in seconds.

Its not just about improving traction underfoot, its about creating a safe work environment so that you reinvest those saving back the bottom line.

Originally written by Keven Moore.

How much is TOO much to spend on Ice Cleats



When purchasing a safety item for your employees, it is fair to consider that the cost to purchase an ice cleat is too expensive. You expect companies today to spend what they need to keep everyone safe as possible. For some it might make sense not to purchase effective ice cleats because of the expense. But consider the cost if they slip or fall…

Example: Company A over a typical year:

    – Workforce of 100 people – Annual number of slips and falls – Average cost per accident: $8000 – Average Aggregate cost: $80,000 – Average cost per employee (100): $800

Suppose that we could wave our magic wand over each employee and guarantee that each employee did not slip or fall in one year. But the magic wand service cost $1000 per employee. With an average accident cost per employee at $800, the cost to eliminate the accidents would exceed the cost of the accident themselves and would not be worth preventing.

Now if you could reduce accidents by 50%, it stands to reason that your break-even point would be half the $800 or in this case $400. If I spend anything less than $400 per client and see at least a 50% reduction in slips and falls, the program would be, financially speaking, well worth it.

Based on experience and current stats, with the proper  ice cleat, we are frequently able to reduce slips and falls by 50% or more. Most products to prevent slips and falls are much less than $400.

In the case of Rip’s Ice Cleats, we can provide an ice cleat for less than 10% of the $400 cost. If you do your homework and work out the math, you can easily justify the cost / expense of Ice Cleats and prevent serious injuries.

Original Source / Excerpt: Occupational Health and Safety Website

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